With PTO, it is easy to Join the Fleet.  There are volunteer opportunities for every talent, special skill and amount of time available to volunteer.

Below is a description of our many committees and “coordinates” for the committee leaders so you can get in touch and launch into fun service that helps our entire school universe.


Membership:  Recruits and tracks new and current members, maintains database, promotes membership sign-up and volunteer drives.

  • Deborah Boyd
  • Colleen Walters


Fundraising:  Oversees and promotes the fundraising functions of PTO, including the largest fundraiser, The Silent Auction, merchandise sales, membership, donations, sponsorships and everyday fundraisers such as Amazon Smile.

  • Julie Blankenship
  • Marshall Frost


Hospitality:  Coordinate events and organize donations, food, décor and swag and to promote faculty and staff morale, including the Back to School Breakfast, End of the Year Fish Fry, holiday celebrations and pop-up staff surprises.

  • Amy Hammarlund
  • Julia Kay


Campus Beautification:  Provides volunteer service and expertise to keep our school campus looking tidy and beautiful by coordinating and participating in Saturday Clean-Up Days and special projects.

  • Dexter Devine


Communications:  Facilitate communication and connection between parents and students with faculty and the school community through the use of electronic communications, social media, print media.

  • Kim Fletcher Bowden
  • Stephanie Sims


PTO Board:  The PTO’s elected Board of Officers who provide executive leadership and guidance, as well as facilitate communication between the school administration, faculty, the PTO Board and Committee Chairs.

  • President: Adelaide Vaughn 
  • Vice-President: Melanie Melcher
  • Treasurer: Kimberly Blanchard 
  • Secretary: Rhonda McCoy